Home Workout with Page Paul + Maxwell - Upper Body Circuit

AUG 25, 2020

We're back with another home workout from Page Paul! This week, we traded the workout equipment for Page's furry bestie, Maxwell. Home workouts are less about WHAT you use, but HOW you use what you already have! This is probably the cutest workout you'll ever do. Follow along our IGTV video and getcha arms pumpin'!



-A dog

-BuddyLove Athleisure set

Lower Body Circuit Workout

  4x through each exercise


2. REVERSE LUNGES- 10 reps per leg

3. PUPPY ROWS- 15 reps

4. PUPPY PUSHUPS- 15 reps

5. PUPPY SQUATS- 15 reps

We hope this workout gave you the same entertainment and sweat sesh as it did for us. Everything is better when a pupper is involved! What are some creative ways you've been staying fit at home? Drop a comment and let us know!
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