Must-Haves for a Stylish Backyard Tailgate

AUG 6, 2020

Sports are FINALLY back and while game days and tailgates may look different this year, you can still cheer on your favorite teams from the comfort of your own home! Since pre-game festivities won't be taking place in stadium parking lots around the country, we decided to throw our annual BuddyLove Tailgate party + photoshoot in @buddylovesbre's front yard!

Showing your team spirit in the new BuddyLove Girls of Fall collection is probably the easiest step of planning the perfect tailgate! With dozens of new styles in popular team colors, you'll be #winning in the outfit department all season.

We've rounded up our tailgate must-haves + tips for the ultimate, stylish at-home tailgate party!


This is easily one of the most important aspects of throwing a tailgate. You can't have a tailgate without (drinking) games! We of course had to play all the classics: beer pong, cornhole and flip cup. These are probably the most known tailgate games, and for good reason! They're inexpensive, easy to play and can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Part of the tailgate fun is all the food and drinks you'll consume. Chips and dip, wings, endless finger foods and ice cold brewskis... yes, please! You'll want to make sure your cooler is stocked with all the beer and White Claws it can fit, but party punch is another great option for large groups. The #1 BabeCrew favorite is Jungle Juice Punch. It's quick and easy to make and will definitely get the party started - drink with caution!

-1 bottle Rum
-1 bottle Tequila
-1 bottle Vodka
-1 bottle Peach Schnapps
-3/4 bottle Blue Curacao
-2 bottles White Cranberry Peach Juice
-2 bottles White Grape Juice
-Sliced strawberries and oranges
Throw everything into a punch bowl and enjoy!

A nice tailgate menu requires little to zero thought. You can literally eat whatever you want, whenever you want at a tailgate. If you're starting the party for an early game and want a hot dog at 9AM, you go get that hot dog!

Considering queso is basically a food group here at BuddyLove, this is our must-have dish for a tailgate. We make @buddylovesbre's Crockpot Queso for almost every party and it never disappoints!

-1 block of Velveeta
-2 cans of Rotel
-1 onion
-2-3 fresh jalapeños
-Cilantro to taste
-Dash of Cumin
-Sliced avocado (optional)
1. Cut Velveeta block into cubes for faster melting
2. Chop onion, jalapeños and cilantro
3. Add Velveeta, onion, jalapeños, cilantro and Rotel to crockpot
4. Add a dash or two of Cumin powder and mix all ingredients together
Cook on high until everything is melted together. Top with sliced avocado for a lil sumn' extra, then leave crockpot on low to keep the cheesy goodness warm!


Team spirit... aka a killer game day outfit. Basically, there are two types of tailgate girls: dressed to the nines or cute and casual. We have plenty of both in the BabeCrew and our Girls of Fall Collection is full of new arrivals for every style! Whether you're looking to rock a cropped tee and cut-offs or a flirty skirt and statement earrings, we've got you covered from head to toe!

While we'll miss the classic parking lot parties this year, we're excited to throw more backyard tailgates and celebrate the return of sports from the comfort of our own homes! How are you planning to cheer on your favorite teams this season?!