BL Travels: Sedona, AZ + Travel Guide

With Fall approaching faster than anyone could've expected, the BL Babes jet off to Arizona to shoot all SIX of our 2020 Fall collections! We flew from Dallas to Phoenix, then drove to our Airbnb in Flagstaff where we stayed for the week.
We were ready to soak in all the desert vibes, so we planned our photoshoots in four different cities around AZ. Join us on a BuddyLove Tour de Arizona for a list of our must-see spots, things to do, places to stay and favorite fall styles!


One 4AM wake up call and a 2 hour drive later, we made it to Sedona for our first day of shooting! By the time we found the perfect spot to unload and hiked up the mountain with suitcases full of clothes, it was 110 degrees and we were already exhausted. It's not all glitz and glam, but it's always fun!
BTS: when you're the models but also the props crew...
After a successful first full day of shooting, we celebrated with an evening hike to the middle of Devil's Bridge! The walkway is narrow, but not THAT narrow... kind of. Page Paul made it to the middle and she doesn't dig heights!
Sedona was absolutely beautiful and full of activity! It was the perfect spot for a day of hiking (to views well worth the shot (we know you see that content)).
Is Sedona the new Breckenridge for BuddyLove Fall content? OR was our next stop even better?!
Devil's Bridge
Little Horse Trail
Robber's Ridge
Cathedral Rock