July 9th, 2020

1. Houston or Nashville? HOUSTON

2. Flaming Hot Cheetos or Sour Skittles? FLAMING HOT CHEETOS

3. Town Hearth or Kayne Prime? TOWN HEARTH

4. The Zozo Dress or the Georgia Dress? GEORGIA DRESS

5. Maxwell or Jon? MAXWELL

6. Wings or Jon? JON

7. Makeup or Jon? JON

8. Craft beer or Jon? JON

9. The Killers or Jon? THE KILLERS

10. Texts from Jon or phone calls from Jon? TEXTS FROM JON

11. Modeling or designing? DESIGNING

12. Elle Woods or Regina George? REGINA GEORGE

13. Freckles or dimples? DIMPLES

14. Drunk Parker or drunk Raquel? DRUNK PARKER. (they're both a good time.. @buddylovespaige, @buddylovesrachel)

15. Snow or sand? SAND

16. Sun or stars? SUN

17. Miami print or Magical print? MAGICAL PRINT

18. Nightclub or Netflix? NETFLIX (currently watching: Unsolved Mysteries)

19. Cardio or weight training? WEIGHT TRAINING

20. Dave Grohl or Vince Vaughn? VINCE VAUGHN

21. Designing Fall or designing Spring? DESIGNING FALL