21 QUESTIONS with @buddylovesbre

July 9th, 2020

Meet Bre Story, our BuddyLove Production Manager. A Hawaiian native turned Texan, Bre is the wild card of the BabeCrew. We rarely know what she'll do or say next, but we do know she keeps things fun!

1. Red or white wine? RED

2. Country or Hip Hop? COUNTRY

3. Hawaii or Dallas? HAWAII

4. Bath or shower? SHOWER

5. Ford or Erica? Depends on the day... (Ford= husband. Erica= lifelong best friend)

6. Alanis Bodysuit or Patti Bodysuit? ALANIS.. but I'm wearing the Patti

7. Harlee or Pumpkin? HARLEE. Pumpkin is a monster. (@harlee_story)

8. Chanel or Gucci? CHANEL

9. Tanaka of Tokyo or Benihana? TANAKA OF TOKYO

10. Running hills or running sprints? 2 years ago, running hills. Now? A little bit of nothin.

11. Peace sign selfie or kissy face selfie? KISSY FACE

12. Regina George or Elle Woods? REGINA GEORGE

13. Halloween or Valentine's Day? HALLOWEEN

14. Barbie dolls or your mom, Barbie? MY MOM BARBIE. She's the best.

15. Pimp My Ride or My Super Sweet Sixteen? PIMP MY RIDE

16. Waikiki or Kailua? WAIKIKI. I'm a city girl.

17. Blonde hair or brunette hair? HALF N' HALF

18. Fawn print or spice print? FAWN PRINT

19. Sweet or sour? SAVORY

20. Citizen or Settlers of Catan? Staying at home, wine, Settlers of Catan... all the way.

21. Designing t-shirts or designing jewelry? DESIGNING T-SHIRTS