What started as a multi-line showroom and later evolved into a lifestyle clothing line, BuddyLove is created with every type and style of woman in mind. From working wonder- woman, to stay-at-home super-mom, to a viral social media queen, BuddyLove creates affordable, stand out styles with everyday tasks in mind.

The brand speaks to every generation, background, and shape of woman. Many of our body styles can be worn different ways, appealing to all types of customers. Each body style also comes in many different eye-catching colors and prints that you cannot find anywhere else!

BuddyLove is created and designed by founder/ designer, Grayson DiFonzo. Grayson combines her everyday mom life with her love for travel to create bold and beautiful prints meant to make a statement! She started designing her first collection in 2012 and has evolved BuddyLove into a full fashion house including women’s, men’s, kid’s, and accessories.