What Are Boho Jeans?

Mom jeans, retro sneakers, printed silk scarves–it’s 2022, and the fashion trends of days gone by are starting to make themselves known again. The famous ‘boho jeans’ are no exception. Amidst hippy peasant dresses and cargo pants, the boho jeans were the staple of everyone’s wardrobe some fifty years ago. And today, boho jeans have returned to the fashion scene with a vengeance.

But wait, what are boho jeans, exactly? And more importantly, how do you style boho jeans? Before you head to the nearest boho fashion store, let’s talk about what boho jeans are, the best ways to style them, and of course, where you can find the best boho jeans.

So, What Are Boho Jeans?

The term “boho” is short for Bohemian. Bohemianism is the practice of a socially unconventional lifestyle, often involving pursuits in the arts, music, spirituality, and literature. A bohemian is someone that is nonconformist and avant-garde, typically having little to no permanent ties in life. This allows them to live free-spirited lives wherein they travel, study, create and speak however they want.

Bohemian fashion reflects the free-spirited lifestyle of Bohemianism. The Bohemian fashion style is strongly associated with hippie fashion, which is characterized by retro patterns, natural fabrics, beading, and neutral shades, among many other elements that we link to “vintage fashion” today. However, the bohemian style is distinguishable from mainstream 70s fashion with its focus on relaxed fashion, casual accessories, and creative combinations of artistic elements.

Today, the boho style is characterized by loose-fitting clothes, ethnic touches, mixed print designs, embroideries, and flared silhouettes. Many boho garments that were popular then are still in style in 2022, but there is one specific garment that has made the biggest comeback of all: boho jeans!

So, what are boho jeans exactly?

Boho jeans come in several different styles and patterns, but they share a few common characteristics. For one, most boho jeans are flared like your typical bell-bottom jeans; but some boho-style jeans may feature straight cuts. Either way, boho jeans are always loose-fitting to create a relaxed aesthetic.

More than that, it is also common for boho jeans to feature creative patterns, embellishment, and/or embroidery. You’ll find many boho-style jeans with ethnic patterns, floral designs, embroidered hems, and sometimes even distressed elements to reflect the Bohemian principle of non-materialism.

Due to their unique aesthetic, it’s not difficult to separate boho jeans from other types of bottoms–even from that of the same era. But at the same time, the distinct look of boho jeans may sometimes make them difficult to style.

With that in mind, let’s talk about how to style boho jeans:

What Are Boho Jeans Best Paired With?

Boho jeans can be tricky to style, especially when they have intricate designs and patterns. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to make a stunning outfit with boho jeans–all you have to do is find a good combination that matches your body type and your personal style. Easier said than done, we know, so here are some of our go-to outfit ideas to help you get started:

Rustic Tunic

A common top choice for the Bohemian fashion style is the rustic tunic. Simple and laid-back, this loose-fitting garment is an easy match for classic boho jeans. Just remember the rule: don’t wear pattern-on-pattern–so, if you’re wearing patterned boho jeans, choose a tunic top with little to no designs.

Don’t forget to add some extra flair with some classic boho-style accessories. Check out our complete guide on how to accessorize fall basics for inspo!

Boho-Style Cardigan

Create your perfect Bohemian look for the fall season with a boho-style cardigan paired with some classic boho jeans. There are so many patterns, colors, and designs to choose from, so you won’t have trouble finding just the right boho cardigan for your boho-style jeans.

Leather Jacket

Combine the boho look with modern chic by pairing your boho jeans with a classic leather biker jacket. Wear a simple white tank top underneath to pull the whole outfit together or–if you want to add more Bohemian touch to your fit–opt for a boho-style tank top.

Kimono Sleeve Top

Haven’t you heard? Dramatic sleeves are the move for fall 2022. Give your boho look that laid-back chic vibe with a kimono sleeve top paired with your favorite boho jeans. Then, complete your outfit with a cute pair of thigh-high boots to embody that authentic 70s aesthetic.

Boho Sweater

A boho-style sweater plus a cute pair of boho jeans = the perfect recipe for a comfy fall outfit! There are two ways to build this outfit: you can either pair a patterned sweater with plain boho jeans or pair a plain sweater with patterned boho jeans. Either way, the result will be a cute, comfy, and cozy outfit that is perfect for the chilly weather in fall.

Tight Crop Top

What are boho jeans if not a timeless piece of fashion? Create a chic modern boho look by combining your favorite fitted tank top with a stunning pair of boho jeans. To distinguish your look from a simple modern aesthetic, however, opt for a pair of bell bottoms that scream Bohemian (hint: the more design elements, the better!).

TIp: When the weather gets a bit chilly, spruce this outfit up with a boho-style cardigan or jacket.


Vests have been in style since the 1970s. But back then, vests were part of women’s work attire; today, vests are often worn as part of casual outfits.

Tune into your inner 70s fashionista and rock the two staples of the hippie era: a fitted vest plus a pair of boho jeans!

Looking For The Best Boho Jeans?

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