The Story Behind the Summer Pajama Party Collection

Cute and cozy for summer!

Your favorite pajama sets and robes are back in all new prints and are as cozy as ever! BuddyLove knows you want to still feel cute while drinking wine at home which is why we have launched four new prints this season!

Each PJ set and robe was designed for comfort while still looking presentable if you need to run out of the house at a moment’s notice. The Aurora Sets, Hadid Robes, and Romee Robes will make you feel put together all day long without changing out of your jammies.

These PJs pair perfectly with BuddyLove’s fuzzy slippers while drinking wine and watching The Bachelor at home or for a fun Girl’s Game Night in! The PJ Party Collection makes great bridesmaid, Mother’s Day, or birthday gifts too! Now the problem is, how can you ONLY pick ONE print?!
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