The Story Behind the Small Town USA Collection - Fall 2021 Style

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“I wouldn’t trade a single day here in Small Town USA”. Nor would we trade out a single piece from our newest Fall Collection. This drop features some of our favorite Fall colors and prints on perfectly curated seasonal body styles. The Small Town USA Collection was inspired by the Texas Hill Country and its beautiful landscaping.

Each print has a special meaning and story from Buddy and Grayson’s travels. Grayson was inspired to create Haze amd Puma from her favorite Texas Fall hues. Alleycat, Tortoiseshell and Radioactive were inspired by the honey-colored sunsets in South Texas. Cognac and Tawny were created with the back country dirt roads in mind.  

The Small Town USA Collection features nine new bodies for fall - the Aisha Maxi Dress, Ariana Bodysuit, Jasmine Dress, Grace Dress, Ruby Dress, Bailey Top, Mabel Maxi Dress, Becca Dress, Gabriella Dress, and Leah Dress. It also includes old favorites in new prints like the Avril Top, Estelle Top, Baker Dress, North Top, Tiff Midi Dress, Melissa Bodysuit, Marie Skirt, and Gwendolyn Top. We are OK with a simple life but don’t let your outfit be boring.

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