The Babe's New Years Resolutions

@buddylovesgrayson - Owner, Designer, CEO
"Take better care of myself and eat more green things."
@buddylovespaige - Executive Director of Operations
"Learn how to play the trombone again."
@buddylovesrachel - Sr. Brand Director
"Be able to do 10 push-ups in a row and run a 5k!"
@buddylovestaylor - Assistant Brand Manager
"Start cooking more and bringing my lunch to work!"
@buddyloveskenzie - Social Media Content Coordinator
"Learn more about Dallas CASA and how I can be involved in 2022!"
@buddylovesnatalie - Social Media Content Coordinator
"Figure out how to manage my FOMO hehe."
@carlyhaynie - Sr. Graphic Designer
"Make more time to create art just for fun."
@buddylovesblythe - Merchandise Manager
"My New Years Resolution is to make a morning routine and stick to it."
@buddyloveskaycee - Operations Coordinator
"My New Years Resolutions are to drink more water and cook a new recipe each week."
@buddylovesbrynn - Retail Experiences Specialist
"Travel more and get a doggie BFF!"
@buddylovesunity - Sales Representative
"My New Years Resolution is to be consistent in the gym. With having more free time after graduating with my masters, I am also planning on being more creative and spending time drawing and painting on shoes!"
@buddylovespg - Sales Representative
"New Years Resolution: Focus more on living in the present and enjoying every moment rather than rushing to get to what's next, and giving back to others in need rather than solely doing things for myself."
@buddylovesdellanie - Merchandise Specialist
"My New Years Resolution is to overall be more healthy."
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