Sorority recruitment is right around the corner! We’re here to help style you for all things rush! Recruitment can sometimes be scary and intimidating. We’re here to help ease the stress and help you look your absolute best!

The key to having the best rush outfits is comfort and confidence. You want to wear something that isn’t too hot or uncomfortable. Confidence is key! A good outfit can change everything!

The first round of rush is open houses or ice water! At most universities, this round will likely be virtual. If this round is in person, it’s the most casual round. We recommend our Nova matching sets! These sets are comfortable and lightweight, perfect for the August heat! The first round of rush is an exiting and bustling time for potential new members (PNMs)!

The second round of sorority recruitment is Philanthropy! At most universities, PNMs will be provided with a t-shirt to wear on this day. All you need for this round is a cute skirt or a nice pair of shorts! We recommend wearing sneakers or flat sandals for comfort. We recommend our Williams set or our Far Out set and just wearing the skirt! The best part about buying a set for this round is that you can re-wear the outfit again as a set!

The third round is Sisterhood! This is the second dressiest round of sorority recruitment. For this round, think about something you would wear to a nice brunch with your parents! For this round, we recommend our Penny dress in After Party! This dress is just as cute as she is comfortable! We also think that our Hannah dress in Daisy Days is perfect for Sisterhood!

The last and final round of recruitment is preference! This is the most formal/ dressiest round of rush. Think about an outfit that you would wear as a guest to a nice wedding! We recommend our Clementine dress in Festival. The elastic waistband makes this dress both flattering and comfortable. Another dress we recommend is the Penny dress in Teal! This dress paired with a pair of nice heels is perfect for preference!

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