July 9th, 2020

Meet Kelly Wood, our Operations Manager! Kelly enjoys spending time with her husband, Nick and daughter, Austyn. You can always find Kelly with a fresh mani and iced coffee in hand. She's the sweetest Babe in the Crew!

1. UNT or OSU? OSU

2. Your dog Paisley or your dog Dexter? Depends on the day but these days, Paisley.

3. Chick-Fil-A or Chiloso? CHICK-FIL-A

4. Mornings or nights? NIGHT

5. Leopard print or snake print? LEOPARD

6. Football or baseball? FOOTBALL

7. Short hair or long hair? I go back and forth... right now, short hair.

8. Ice skating or roller skating? ROLLER SKATING

9. Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Reynolds? CHRIS HEMSWORTH

10. Destin or Cancun? DESTIN

11. Disney animated movies or Disney live-action movies? DISNEY ANIMATED

12. North Tunic or Avril Top? AVRIL

13. Sweet or sour? SOUR

14. Dimples or freckles? I have both.. I'll say DIMPLES

15. Starbucks or Celsius? STARBUCKS

16. Baths or showers? SHOWERS

17. Halloween or Valentine's Day? VALENTINE'S DAY

18. Math or English? NEITHER... English

19. Mild or spicy? MILD

20. Beer or wine? WINE

21. Shoes or bags? SHOES