How to wear cowboy boots:
7 ways to style these country classics

For Texas-born fashion designer and CEO of Buddy Love(opens in new tab), Grayson DiFonzo(opens in new tab), believes comfort and cool are the reasons cowboy boots are popular once more.

“We've seen the preppy trends and '90s trends make a comeback and now the Western trends are mainstream again,” she says. (And) “With the Yellowstone show becoming such a hit, I think it really launched everyone’s fantasies to look more like Rip and Beth. Cowboy boots are also such a comfortable way to look dressy with minimal effort.”

How to wear cowboy boots in 2022 for maximum style:

As Grayson says: “Cowboy boots are not just for concerts and rural recreation anymore. Add them to your everyday wardrobe for a fun, trendy look that will turn heads!”

Styling tip: When dressing for a night out, ditch boring black and choose a metallic pair of cowboy boots and team with a short velvet or embellished dress for maximum impact. Grayson says she particularly favors a tall dress boot for evening attire.

How to wear cowboy boots with a blazer:

If you’re wondering whether you should ever wear a blazer with cowboy boots, according to Grayson the answer is a resounding yes. “A blazer, bodysuit, and cowboy boot are literally the definition of Western chic,” she says.

Do cowboy boots go over or under jeans?

For Grayson it’s a question of who is wearing them.

“For the fashion forward female, boots should go over your jeans, however, for work boots or men’s boots, they will remain under jeans,” she explains.


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