Founded in 2010 by Grayson and Buddy DiFonzo, BuddyLove is a designer brand that offers bold prints, bright colors and trend driven designs. Grayson, founder and creative director, started designing her first collection in 2012 and has evolved BuddyLove into a full fashion house including women’s, kid’s, men’s and accessories. She combines her everyday mom life with her love for travel to create bold beautiful prints meant to make a statement. As a brand, we aim to inspire confidence for all women who wear BuddyLove. Our most commonly heard feedback… “I have never gotten more compliments on anything I have ever worn, more than when I wear something from BuddyLove”.

BuddyLove is more than a clothing brand, BuddyLove is a reflection of Grayson’s love of traveling the Caribbean and her time spent living on St. John in the Virgin Islands. As the CEO, Creative Director and Designer of BuddyLove, Grayson draws inspiration from the bright turquoise waters of Trunk Bay and Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, to the bold florals and bougainvillea that wind their way through the streets of the Caribbean Islands, to the lush landscape of St. Lucia, and the vibrant culture and people who celebrate Carnival in the Islands. BuddyLove has created a brand that inspires our customers to seek out events and experiences for all of life’s greatest moments. 

Our customers include the out and about Fashionista, Working Wonder Women, Supermom, The Social Media Queen, Bloggers and Trend Setters. You will find BuddyLove at all of life’s greatest moments; Bachelorette Parties, Baby Showers, Engagement Parties, Weddings, Happy Hours and Date Nights. As a lifestyle brand, we design our clothes to match the season and the trends that surround our daily lives, so you look your best whether you are with your friends at Girls Night Out or your Sunday Brunch crew after church with the Family. 

BuddyLove’s global headquarters are located in the heart of the Dallas Design District, and include showrooms at Dallas Market Center and Americas Mart in Atlanta. Over the years BuddyLove has grown at a tremendous rate expanding from Texas into the southern states and along the east and west coasts by partnering with showrooms and boutiques in some of the best towns and cities across the country. Currently, BuddyLove is distributed and sold in over 1,000 boutiques around the country as well as our thriving online website for direct to consumer sales.

Our first flag ship store opened in 2021 in the heart of the Texas Hill County in Fredericksburg, Texas. Fredericksburg is one of the top 5 bachelorette destinations in the US, and the number two wine tasting region in the US behind Napa Valley. Every weekend you can find our little pink boutique filled to the brim with bachelorette parties down on 411 E. Main Street. By 2027 we hope to open 5 new BuddyLove boutiques across the country. Be on the lookout for a BuddyLove Boutique near you.